Prime Infosoft is extremely flexible and customer service focused and can provide the types of staffing services our clients need. We understand the need for capable professionals in the development of innovative technologies. Through a variety of screening processes, Prime Infosoft insures that the best client and candidate match is achieved.

Prime Infosoft currently offers the following staffing options:

Temporary / Contract

We can provide contractors / temporary staff for any period of time a client needs no matter how short or long! We hire the individual and provide all the appropriate employer responsibilities including liability and workers compensation insurance, payment of the employer portions of federal and state taxes and we also provide payroll services to the temporary / contract employee. We take care of these employer responsibilities, freeing up our company clients to focus on managing the technical talent.

Temporary to Permanent

Many employers prefer a period of time to get to know an individual before making a permanent employment commitment. The temporary to permanent hire option offered by Prime allows the employer to see how the individual actually performs on the job before deciding to offer permanent employment. During the temporary period, we take care of all the payroll and employee administration requirements making this a fully supported and easy process for clients. We can customize the duration of the temporary period as short or as long as a client needs. Once the client is ready to hire the contract professional permanently we make it very simple and easy for the contract professional to convert to a permanent employee of the client.

Direct / Permanent

Here at Prime Infosoft, we do all we can to understand a client’s job requirements and the exact talents, skills, and qualifications that a client is looking for in an employee. We use a vast array of candidate databases and recruiting resources to find the perfect match for a client. We provide this at extremely competitive rates that are almost always below what other agencies charge. We can also provide background checks and drug screens on candidates.